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Carpet Exporters in India

The feel of soft and cozy carpet under yourfeet, a warm and comfortable place to snuggle up near the fireplace or a window, or, a hard cold stone floor? Obviously everyone would choose the first option if given a choice. The wonderful plush feel combined with other added benefits like sound absorbing, dust and other allergies causing particles absorbing, the stylish look and easy maintenance make carpets and floor rugs the ultimate floor furnishing choice. And the best part is that you can buy rugs and carpets in India online. Indian rugs and carpets are in great demand in the domestic as well as the foreign market.In fact, the demand for handmade Indian carpets outside India has been increasing significantly over the years.

The main market and export destinations for the popular handmade carpets of India are :

  • The USA
  • Germany
  • France
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • Afghanistan

The US and Germany together account for around 75% of imports of carpets made in India.

The carpet market has undergone a lot of changes. The demand for the heavy and traditional designs is decreasing and it’s giving way to the more contemporary, modern designs, which are easier to maintain and comparatively cheaper.

Almost 90% of the carpets made in the country are exported. This high demand of the Indian carpets is promising for the carpet exporters in India. Some of the carpet exporters in India are : Fibre floor, Diamond carpet, Creative line, Agni, Ansari, Amas and Adarsh exports etc. Most of the exporters are based in the northern parts of the country.

Carpet export promotion council :

Carpet export promotion council was established in the year 1982, by the exporters. It is a non-profit organization which aims at promoting and developing exports of Indian handmade carpets and floor rugs and also safeguarding the rights and interests of the weavers and artisans of the carpet industry in India. It has over 2500 members and over 20 business associates.

What does CPEC do?

The carpet export promotion council helps the exporters, weavers and entrepreneurs in many ways. For example :

  • It helps in the R&D of the product
  • Assured quality and timely delivery across the world
  • Runs various skill enhancement programs for the weavers and artisans
  • Identifies potential markets
  • Creates awareness regarding the government policies for the weavers
  • Assists in building a brand in handmade carpets
  • Organizing and participating in various trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Advertising and promoting Indian handmade rugs

India is at present at the top position in carpet exports in the world. But the exporters and the workers associated with this industry need to study and understand the changes in the demand of carpets and adapt accordingly.

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