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Know about the famous potpourris of Mumbai

It is very rightly said that the Indian cities are bustling with the culture pulses whereas the city of Mumbai is literally racing with its street foods, flea markets, etc. making it the most attractive place for the tourists. Mumbai has it all, the popular street food stalls, at the road junction, adds a lot of masala to our lives. From billionaire to a beggar relishes the street food stalls famous in Mumbai.

5 famous Potpourri of Mumbai flavours-

With cultures and refreshing diverse influences, Mumbai has it all. There are many famous food stalls which are not only distinctive to its place but are known for its taste throughout the world. Let’s see some of the famous food-

  • PavBhaji- The buttery delight recipe of pavbhaji makes it different from other items as it has the perfect blend of spices, straddled by a slab of butter and the fluffiest pav which is one of the Indian bread served along with it. The recipe is very easy and can also be tried at home or taken help like the pavbhaji recipe in Marathi on the famous food sites.
  • VadaPav-When we think of Mumbai, the first thought we get is the tasty vadapav which is served in the city. It is also known as the beggar burger as this iconic fast food was once considered to be nothing more than the poor man’s food. Now, today even the rich and famous people can be seen enjoying the vadapav at the various street stalls in Mumbai due to its unique taste. The classic dish is served perfectly with a spicy patty and crispy bun, where some fierce fried green chillies on the side cannot be overlooked.
  • Bhelpuri- Mumbai cannot be thought without its beaches. The water splashing on the feet, with a view of setting sun and a soothing breeze is more leisurely expressed when some bhelpuri is munched. It is basically a type of chaatfull of spices made with puffed rice, exotic blends of spices, onions and tangy chutneys. This dish of bhel has never failed to mesmerize the young and old alike.
  • Panipuri- The round, hollow, fried, and crispy purisare so crunchy and mouth-wateringare the undeniably the best served dish in Maharashtra. The flavoured water with chutney, chillies and the chaat masala is something which cannot be missed in the list of tempting delights.
  • Wraps and rolls- Mumbai is the birthplace of Frankie or the rolls which consists of flour wraps which are filled with a variety of mutton, eggs, mashed potatoes, chicken, or anything else that you can’t even imagine. These wraps are often complemented by raw onion and spicy sauces.

Try and eat every spicy delight on the streets of Mumbai and enrich your taste buds with tangy and new flavours everyday. There are many of the famous places that have their own style of preparing and serving the dishes. Let keep the flavours in memories along the years and add a new food every day to our list.

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