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What You Need To Know About Mannequins And Their Uses

If you go to a mall, you will notice that each store especially the ones that sell clothing, jewelry, shoes, or even sportswear have their own type of mannequin. You will be amazed at how different these mannequins look like. This is because there are different types of mannequins that you can choose from, depending on your preference as a store owner.

In order for you to understand which mannequin would be best for your retail store, you have to know your target customers. Are they women? Children? Men? You have to identify this for you to be able to have a better visual merchandising style. Mannequin for sale are the essentials of a retail store because they are the first items that each customer notice when they pass by your store.

The Different Types of Mannequins

Know the type of mannequin that you need. If you are undecided yet, here are the different types that you can choose from.

Realistic Mannequins

These mannequins look lifelike and they are really designed to look like a real person. These are usually made of fiberglass to be able to copy the real human skin. These mannequins are also sized like a real man or woman. The heads are covered in styled wigs matching their outfits. These mannequins are what you can usually see in high-end and expensive stores.

Abstract Mannequins

These are very popular in elite stores. These are commonly treated as contemporary pieces in fashion retail stores. They have unique facial features that stand out and have muscles, elbow, and even fingernail. Most of these mannequins are made of fiberglass made to emphasize the curves of a human body.

Headless Mannequins

If you have a limited height of the ceiling, these mannequins should be your option. They are made of fiberglass and available in different sizes, shapes, color, and poses. Their necks are usually straight. These mannequins are perfect for any type of clothing displays.

 Child Mannequins

These mannequins are best in helping parents identify the outfits and dresses that they are looking for their children on different occasions. You can choose from baby, child, and teenager. This will depend on the age bracket that you want to showcase. These mannequins are not as in demand as the other mannequins but retail stores who have them surely gets more attention compared to those who don’t.

Ghost Mannequins

These are commonly known as “photography mannequins” or “invisible mannequins”. These are perfect for high-class retailers and photographers because when dressed, they look invisible in photographs. This will give the customers have an idea on how the garment will look on them. These are very popular with online stores and also for magazine displays.

Torso Mannequins

These are compact and very easy to transport. These kind of mannequins are available almost at any mannequin stores. These mannequins will usually come with attaching limbs when you need it. This can display the top part of the clothing only.

Mannequins will always play an important role in a retail store visual merchandising. There are many mannequins for sale on the internet today, just like at KC Store Fixtures. You have plenty of mannequins to choose from. Make sure that you know what you are looking for that will look perfect with your merchandise.

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