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Have a Righteous Time With Dr. Chris Oyakhilome

An evening spent with Dr. Chris Oyakhilome is definitely one to remember, no matter what night of the year it is. Whether you’re bringing in a new year of hope or ending one that is worthy of praise, his congregation is the place to be to get it done right. There are many wonderful things to expect when you praise with believers. And, a perfect night resembles something like the New Year’s Eve event held in 2017 by this organization.

Those who go already know that for those who can’t make it the beautiful details of this event are worth checking out. Nearly every experience as a result from time spent in church is a beautiful experience that involves some kind of music and merriment. On this particular New Year’s Eve occasion, the opening mantra of the evening is “so we lift up our hands to praise your name”. Without any further ado Dr. Chris Oyakhilome makes his way to the stage and encourages his followers to do what they do best and give a shout to the Lord. He follows his command with a demonstration saying prose such as “hallelujah”, “praise the Lord” and “glory to God”.

Of course, that demonstration of loyalty to God whips the crowd into a frenzy and, in this case, it takes them awhile to calm down and think about all they have to be happy about. They say that fortune favors the faithful, and this is true of the congregation of Pastor Chris. Throughout the year, they experience growth, productivity and enlightenment. As a matter of fact, there are more than a billion copies of Rhapsody of Realities reaching readers. They are responsible for the distribution of this food for thought, worldwide. Moreover, it is a good read in 900 languages, across the globe.

But, these copies are not the only way this congregation reaches out and touches the lives of Believers everywhere. The Loveworld networks are a huge influence as well. This is particularly true for Loveworld USA. These networks encompass television, radio and especially the internet. But, it’s not just all talk or lip service when it comes to this congregation. Their ministry is responsible for some of the most important work people can do. It makes a positive change for countless children through its Inner City Mission. Also, it brings health and hope to thousands of others through its healing School. This is on top of the ministers produced from the International School of Ministry (ISM).

Of course as this is a ministry, its efforts are inclusive, which means people can watch and participate in the fun from home or on-the-go with anyone of their devices. However, actually being at the venue while the action is a play allows you to feel the vibration in the air. Of course, a lot of this is generated through Pastor Chris and his connection with the Lord on a truly spiritual level. Another big part of the excitement is due to the sheer size of the gathering and the congregation that evening. It’s a little awe inspiring to see a crowd the size of a national sporting event gather to praise God.

Somewhere in the good book, it says suffer the little children. This congregation takes that to heart and into action with the Future African Leaders Awards FALA. This part of the evening is dedicated to those who make a positive change in their community. When the power of God and the future come together in one place through these incredible young men and women it’s hard for anyone to stay on their feet. There is even a little star power when it comes to this event, as Martin PK takes the stage to sing his gospel single beautiful Jesus. Naturally this is a crowd-pleaser as it is the recipient of the LIMA for 2017. On top of all that, Dr. Chris Oyakhilome ends the night showing his flock the way to ask for grace.

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