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Shop for Best Award Winning Brands UPS and Inverters in India

Every progressive business is changing, adapting to the new technologies and demands of the times. They face the frequent power outages that change the way they work. The work output is affected because of the shortage of power. So, the need of the hour is for a standby power system.

Shops and offices need UPS systems

Small shops and businesses can buy their UPS overnight. They can also buy inverter online to suit their UPS system. Choose one of the top online suppliers in India. Search for the top award winning UPS supplier and choose from the list of online stores that you get. When you have continuous power, you improve the work output. This is important for the business or company which wants to maximise profits.

Get the best inverter by going through the various models you have. The best brand will offer you many choices and you will be able to select the one that will suit your purpose perfectly. There are pure sine wave inverters and square wave inverters. The square wave inverters are used for low efficiency applications such as heaters and motors. There will be a hum due to the harmonic losses.

Choose the inverter according to the application

See what application you want to run when you go inverter online shopping. It is important because the high end applications like the computer and printer will only work well on a sine wave inverter. The sine wave inverter helps you run your computer and peripherals for 2-3 hours. If the power outage is for 2 hours or so, then this will solve your problem perfectly.

One thing you need to know is the continuous rating and the surge rating of your inverter. The power needed is the power rating of the appliance times the period for which you will use it. If you have a heater with a power rating of 1400 Watts and you use it for 10 minutes. The power you need the inverter to supply is 1400 x ⅙ = 233.33 Watt Hour. So, if you have a 300 Watt. Hour inverter it will solve your problem appreciably.

The second thing is the surge power. Suppose you have a motor. It will draw enormous power while starting up. The inverter is capable of supplying this surge power for a short period, say 3 seconds. The surge will be as much as 15% of the rated power or as much as 300%. They mention this on the inverter so you must check it before you buy it.

Winning brands are the best choice

To get the best inverter for home in India search for the Top award winning consumer brands in India in UPS systems. You can see the brands that have won awards continuously for many years. Choose one from this and you are reasonably sure that you have a winner. Being award winning brands, they will deliver quality.

Another thing about the power surge rating. If the surge rating is low say only 20% and the power application, say the motor needs 120% surge, then it will not start. So, your UPS will become useless. Then, you have to buy a new one.


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