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Ten Reasons Out of Millions Why Chicken Biriyani is a Royal Favourite Food

Have you heard of food which makes you feel royal? Of course,you did, because almost everyone would prioritize this particular Indian cuisine over anything else. I mean food is like your best friend, your best companion, your loyal buddy which can never upset you no matter what so ever you do the entire day. Food will love you back as much as you will love it. It is ones’ eternal love.

When we talk of foods which have this royalty in it, you can’t literally ignore biriyani. Like WHOA! Like people literally can survive on biriyanis. You know what they say; you don’t like biriyani probably because you haven’t had good biriyani. The different kinds of chicken birayani available can make you go gaga for them. They say the names and you are bound to fall in love heads over heels for them.

There are like millions of reasons to love biriyani and a few are mentioned below:

  1. You just cannot be done withbirayani because you will never run out of options and varieties. They have to offer more than you can think of. They sound so amazing like Hyderabadibiriyani, Mumbai special biriyani, chicken biriyani, Kolkata special and etcetc, imagine how good it feels to have them.
  2. It’s completely worth the money because it’s a complete meal in itself. With all the rich spices doing their job perfectly well.
  3. The potato in the biriyani is the most exciting part; I mean nobody can share that right, because it tastes so brilliant, BRAVO!
  4. Do we need a time for it? NO. You don’t. You have it whenever your heart says, like not literally, because your hunger calls for it.
  5. Sometimes you attend parties and invitations because you know biriyani will always be available as it is loved by all, nobody can resist this craving.
  6. A combination of chicken biriyani with raita is bliss; undeniably it can never go out of trend.
  7. The aroma it carries is to die for, like you take the smell first and then the taste.
  8. It’s not a very easy thing to make but you know once you master at it you can give the best of treats and parties and be the star in your group and family.
  9. Be careful, because you find birayani lovers everywhere, so it becomes one extended family.
  10. Lastly, you love biriyaniso much so that sometimes it is disappointing when it isn’t served in front of you and you can’t have it, that’s actually depressing and sad.

Technology is like everything you need apart from food of course,  Google has solution  for everything, like chicken biriyani recipe in Marathi or in your respective language and  you get the perfect way to make the perfect biriyani and treat yourself and your loved one’s because  happiness is all about sharing, and sharing is caring. It’s a perfect lunch, it can be your perfect dinner also it can be your ‘to-go’ food whenever you are disappointed, biriyani can never disappoint.


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